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Rated first in life style category at App Store! “Domino’s App feat. HATSUNE MIKU” is an iPhone app developed as the first project of official collaboration between Domino’s Pizza and HATSUNE MIKU. KAYAC Inc. has been involved in the process from designing through production of the app as a member of the project team. Sep 30,  · Vocaloid is a singing synthesis technology and software that enables users to synthesize "singing" by typing in lyrics and melody. This subreddit. Jul 16, Hatsune Miku's social camera · AR function · Miku · special box etc. Domino · pizza apps that have come up with fighting like "Domino's App feat.

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Fortunately for you guys, Tomoki has an iPod Touch and thus got his paws on the app for an exclusive, hands on look, including screenshots! She both looks and sound adorable during the introduction.

Promising start! However upon delving further into the app I began to face hatsune miku dominos app download little confusion. The first among four tabs — with the pizza insignia — seems to be an introduction page with just perhaps some basic information as to what the app does.

Bear in mind folks that I cannot read Japanese, therefore your guess as hatsune miku dominos app download what the writing says is as good as mine! And it just gets more confusing from here.

The second tab — the one with the letter, or mail sign — seems to hold notifications, as we can clearly tell some dates are displayed here. It could be a messenger of some kind, though this was not mentioned during the video. The third — and most interesting — tab, with the little Miku symbol is the one with all the goodies. Both the box top dance floor feature as well as the Miku posing feature are in this tab, the top one being the photos feature while the second one is the dance floor one.

After selecting the photo and Miku posing feature, a loading screen with what I assume are instructions appear and the camera on the device activates. In this particular case you are being treated to a view of my Facebook newsfeed, hatsune miku dominos app download. You can see some Haruhi going on in the back there too, getting ready for the photo! And finally, this is the fourth, and last tab with the timer icon. This is arguably the coolest looking tab, hatsune miku dominos app download, however for the life of me I cannot figure out what it does.

I tried selecting everything that looked like a button, but nothing happened. So tell us, what do you guys think of the hatsune miku dominos app download Let us know in the comments section! About Latest Posts. Hamza "Tomoki" Khattak. Your favorite anime blogger and assistant editor reporting for duty - follow me on Twitter and Instagram for exclusive content! Fairy Tail Announces Rebroadcast Decision!


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hatsune miku dominos app download


hatsune miku free download - Finder: Hatsune Miku Game, Hatsune Miku HD Wallpaper, HATSUNE MIKU AhR, and many more programs. Mar 20,  · Download Hatsune Miku Live Wallpaper apk for Android. Kawaii anime live video background with Hatsune Miku. Using APKPure App to upgrade Hatsune Miku Live Wallpaper, fast, free and save your internet data. Hatsune Miku is portrayed as a year-old girl with long, turquoise twintails. She uses Yamaha Corporation's Vocaloid 2 and /10(8). American restaurant chain Domino’s Pizza has just launched an iOS app in conjunction with Vocaloid Hatsune Miku as displayed in this the video, Domino’s Japan President Scott Oellkers goes through the app’s features in a lighthearted, quirky little video made to promote the app’s launch.