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CFE Auto-Entrepreneur > Accueil: L'auto-entrepreneur peut bénéficier du statut de l'EIRL qui vous permet de protéger votre patrimoine personnel en affectant à votre activité professionnelle un patrimoine spécifique. Contact. Nous contacter; Informations sur le site. Si pour une raison quelconque, vous avez décidé d’opter pour la cessation de votre activité d’auto entrepreneur, vous avez le choix entre les démarches classiques, et celles réalisables en ligne. Sur internet, on peut avoir recours aux services d’Espace Auto Entrepreneur pour une modification de /5(). Cfe auto entrepreneur sans local; Cfe auto entrepreneur sans chiffre d'affaire - Meilleures réponses; Je dois la CFE avec un chiffre d'affaire à zéro - Forum - Auto-entrepreneur; Auto entrepreneur non a la taxe foncière - Forum - Auto-entrepreneur; Erreur inscription:CFE au lieu d'auto entrepreneur - Forum - Création d'entreprise.

Cotisation Foncière des Entreprises : Sans Chiffres d’Affaires, rien à payer !

It is a simplified business both in terms of administrative procedures and how it works. However, for the smooth running of your project, you must meet certain requirements of the plan.

Contrary to popular belief, self-entrepreneurship is a regime and not a status. Therefore, to talk about the formalities of the tax and cfe auto entrepreneur telephone self-employed is to determine what are the requirements to follow to open his micro enterprise legally.

So if you ever dream of becoming an independent or self-employed, know that you must meet certain obligations. It is for this reason that each auto-entrepreneur must strictly follow the following obligations:. However, certain formalities depend on the type of activity exercised. Thus, to look closely, it can be said that the liberal professional, a craftsman or a trader are not always subject to the same regulations each other.

Depending on the case, the self-employed person will have in addition to the previous formalities:. If you do not register for this plan, you can join the directory of trades.

Online membership is straightforward and you can even download the necessary documents directly. All requests are free. So you have no more excuses to postpone the launch of your professional project, cfe auto entrepreneur telephone. After obtaining a registration number and a declaration, what remains to be done is the creation of a dedicated bank account.

This should be used for all banking transactions necessary for the operation of your business. These are cash receipts, disbursements, cash deposits for remuneration, etc. Self-entrepreneurs who want to start a craft business must complete an internship. On the administrative side, the only requirement is to declare its turnover to the authorities. For this purpose, the self-entrepreneur must report his turnover online either once a month or every 3 months.

By visiting the official website of the auto-entrepreneur, you can even pay your dues. If you have also chosen the IRPP release payment, you could also pay your taxes. Be aware that many institutions offer support for better monitoring of administrative procedures. Do you want to start a locksmith or pastry business? Did you know that these activities are both crafts? In general, it is not always easy to situate your activity in a category. Thanks to us, you will be able to determine in which category you can classify your self-entrepreneur activity.

Do you own a business, a shop, or a video game shop? This category is for you. Among the people who can be classified in this category, there are also:. It brings together many other activities that have a direct or indirect relationship with the craft industry. This is:. As an example, we have the repair and troubleshooting of home computer equipment.

Here, it is about painting, carpentry, locksmithing, gardening, plumbing, etc. Many other services fall into this category. This is the case for professionals in moving, towing, installing alarm and security systems, installing displays, etc.

If you cfe auto entrepreneur telephone in business consulting or provide personal development courses, be aware that you are a liberal professional. It may also be that your business combines sales and service delivery. If this prospect continues to attract more and more people, it is because it offers many advantages. Among these, we have:. Nevertheless, with self-entrepreneurship, the turnover must not go beyond a certain amount of money.

To this end, cfe auto entrepreneur telephone, liberal professionals cfe auto entrepreneur telephone not have a turnover of over 70, euros annual turnover.

Thus, any self-employed entrepreneur benefits from all the advantages offered by the tax regime for micro-enterprises. If you ever wish, you can always choose the tax deduction of the income tax. In addition, auto entrepreneurs also enjoy real social benefits. This is an affiliation to the self-employed plan and the RSI. You may be wondering what help you can get for launching your micro-project? We tell you everything! First of all, know that you can combine the employment center benefits with a self-entrepreneur activity.

By looking at the different options available to you in relation to your sector cfe auto entrepreneur telephone activity, you will certainly discover other benefits. These exemptions also depend on your place of residence and the working conditions in which you operate. Microenterprise status is relatively easy to obtain. Administrative procedures have been simplified over the years to such an extent that cfe auto entrepreneur telephone is sufficient to obtain a PO AE form to qualify as a self-entrepreneur.

Nevertheless, some activities are subject to much stricter regulation than others. This is the case for electricity and the building for example. Therefore, cfe auto entrepreneur telephone, when declaring the structure, the person concerned must add proof that cfe auto entrepreneur telephone has the required qualification. The request is then sent to the business formality center which corresponds to the desired sector of activity. Once the declaration has been obtained, it must be accompanied by a scan or photocopy of the identity document.

A portal for self-entrepreneurs has also been made available to interested persons. After validation of your return, you will receive a Siret number, a notification concerning the scheme to which you are subject, the contact details of the tax interlocutors, as well as a dedicated correspondent, cfe auto entrepreneur telephone, and many other additional information.

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cfe auto entrepreneur telephone


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